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  • Application technical queries
    • How do I register with
      • To register as a user, click here to and create an account. We’ll need your full name, e-mail address, a password of 8 characters and at least one contact number.
    • Can I upgrade to another package?
      • Yes, we would require a written request at least [5] calendar days ahead of upgrading you. Your request can be emailed to . We will pro-rata your billing based on the number of days per package used.
    • Can I downgrade to another package?
      • Yes this is possible, but not recommended because you will lose certain functionality of the website. Please note we require a written request at least [5] calendar days ahead of upgrading you. Your request can be emailed to We will pro-rata your billing based on the number of days per package used.
    • Can I convert the tool into an Excel spreadsheet?
      • No, our tool uses a lot of functionality and logic that cannot be converted into excel.
    • Do I need to be Online to access my saved Investor Proposals?
      • You can access and read your proposal offline, but you will have to edit the proposal online.
    • What is the size limit for Investor Proposals that are sent via email directly from the tool website?
      • 15 MB
    • How many attachments can I add to my Investor Proposal?
      • Depending on email limit size (< 15 mb)
    • How many pictures/photos can I include in my Investor Proposal?
      • Depending on email limit size (< 15 mb)
    • What if I have questions during my calculating process?
    • Do you provide training or courses on the Property Investing Strategies?
      • We are working on bringing you video training in the near future. You are welcome to email all queries to us at: and we will do our best to assist you
    • What do I do if I forget my password?
      • On the Home page click  here and enter the email address that your account was registered with and click ‘Submit‘. We will email you a link to this email address which you can click on to reset your password.
    • My email address has changed, how do I update my account?
      • Please Login with the email address that your account was registered with, and your password, then go to Your Account > Personal Details and change you change your old email address to your new one and save your changes. Your new email address will be your user Login from now on.
    • Can I cancel my subscription?
      • We have a 30 calendar day notice of cancellation policy. Should you feel the this solution is no longer required for your needs, please send an email to to notify us of your cancellation.
  • Property technical queries
    • Should I invest in my personal name, through a company or through a trust?
      • Unfortunately, we do not provide financial advice. Users should seek advice from appropriate professional advisers for guidance on their investing structures. We do however have an article regarding various structures, which could answer some of your questions. Please remember to get professional advice from a qualified accountant.
  • Admin queries
    • Which package should I choose?
      • If you are starting your journey in property, Bronze is probably where you want to start, else, if you are investing on a regular basis, wanting to create financial freedom and a legacy for your children, options Silver and Gold would be much better. If you are in the development space, Gold is an absolute must.
    • Can I get a trial version of the tool?
      • We provide all users a 7-day free trial period, after which you will need to pay to make use of the services.
    • What if I cannot find an appropriate input tab in the calculator?
      • We have added an “Other” input tab under the costs and/or income sections of the calculator to allow you to define and include those costs and incomes that may be specific to your deal.
    • Can I receive assistance in writing my Investor Proposal?
    • What about the tax implications on my deal?
      • Currently we do not consider the tax effects of a deal given that the tax implications of each user will depend on the individual circumstances of each user. We are in the process of expanding our offering to include guidance on the tax implications however this will still depend on individual circumstances and obtaining professional advice is recommended.
  • Payment queries
    • What does the calculation tool costs?
      • We have created various membership packages to cater each user’s needs. The packages include: Click  here to go to our payment options.
    • What are my payment options?
      • You can pay on a per month basis, for a 6 month period or for a year period. With each one you get a certain discount, click  here to go to our payment options.
    • When will I be billed?
      • You will be billed on the last day of each month for that month’s access to the relevant tools or a once off for a 6 or 12 month package.


  Our solution

  • Rapidly analyse deals
  • Accurately calculate your returns
  • Consider different scenarios
  • Prepare and print a professional investor proposal (with a click of a button) to help you fund your deals
  • Guidance on whether a deal is a good deal or not
  • Educational content to upskill yourself on your property journey

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